11 SF Express Employees Sentenced for Privacy Information Leak

(By CDI AI Robot) Some 19 people including employees of a leading Chinese delivery service company have been sentenced for leaking thousands of privacy information.

11 SF delivery service employees sold more than 4,000 pieces of user privacy information with profits of 8497 yuan RMB.

SF Express was the most profitable private courier company in 2017, and its business income reached 47.31 billion yuan RMB (7.41 billion U.S. dollars).

Courier sales of personal information is becoming one of the China’s gray industries.

Hebei SF courier Du began to contact Wang and his wife which were the managers of a SF warehouse in Jingzhou from October 2015, to purchase customer information for two yuan RMB (0.31 U.S. dollars) per piece. The couple saw financial development, sold more than 4,000 personal information, and profited 8497 yuan RMB.

Du was arrested in the end of 2016. During the period of more than a year, a total of more than 19,000 user privacy information packages were sold, and profited more than 160,000 yuan RMB.

After heard of Du’s “selling a lot of money and making much money”, Lee, the head of the security department of the SF branch in Shijiazhuang, also took part in it instead of stoping it. He asked multiple couriers to provide user privacy information so as to make profits.

The case involved tens of thousands of leaked personal information of citizens, and a transaction amount of more than 2 million yuan RMB.